Help save the land of Eldentir from the evil and corrupted demon Belfanor and his invading legion of monsters. You, as the Raid Leader must guide a small band of Heroes through Eldentir and face the demon King in the final battle. You’ll encounter challenging boss fights, collect gold and invest in dozens of unlockable abilities.

Test your skills against the oncoming hordes of darkness. Each hero has different abilities, and knowing when to use them is key to winning the fights. Guide your heroes wisely and you will cleanse the land of evil.
Are you prepared?


Like a Nicotine Patch for WoW Addicts
“Raid Leader skips right past the trash to bring us nothing but the good stuff—intense, white-knuckled battles.”


Bossing you about
“A clever, diluted mix of RPG and RTS, it offers a parade of increasingly tough fights as you strive to liberate a fantasy kingdom.”



Since the making of Raid Leader, Red Zebra Games has merged with Copenhagen Creators.
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