Who Are We

Gamerce ApS is a newly established software company that offers e-commerce companies new customers by using mobile games as a marketing conversion tool.

Our customers are e-commerce companies offering their customers bonus points, discount codes or other forms of digital reward structures.

Gamerce drives traffic and conversion to your e-commerce business. This is done by offering you a top quality branded mobile game with unique conversion and drive to shop mechanisms.

Mobile games have a massive and very fast growing audience spread across all ages. They are very engaging and stimulate high levels of social interaction. Used smart, mobile games drive traffic to brands extremely effectively.

Armed with the unique branded game we go to market and hit your target audience with their preferred mobile game category and with a reward structure directly connected to your shop. It is all about driving new traffic straight into YOUR BUSINESS.

The people behind Gamerce have proven the strength of using mobile games as an effective drive to shop mechanism within retail. Now we are ready to expand fast into e-tail.

Gamerce is a sister company of Copenhagen Creators, which has 12 employees in programming, graphics, animation, project management and game design. Copenhagen Creators has delivered solutions for widely different companies such as Tivoli, Bilka, Kiloo, Carlsberg, the Danish Defence and London & Partners.