The #Goodweird game is a browser game coded in HTML5 and created in cooperation with Kadaver.
An english version of the campaign is currently available for people living in the UK.

The game was initially part of a Nordic promotional campaign for Lenovo. The competition ran for 4 weeks and gave players a chance of winning a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2.

To play the crazy and fast-paced #Goodweird game all you had to do was:
1. Pick your national team – Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland
2. Complete as many mini-games as possible
3. Submit your high score and join the competition to win a Yoga Tablet 2

The winners from each country were announced on the corresponding Lenovo Facebook page, which can be found on the #Goodweird game site.
The game was also played and covered by some popular YouTubers, this is one of the english versions:


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