Killer Snake is a scary reaction game with snakes and spiders. You must catch snakes to collect antivenom in order to save lives and challenge the world’s most dangerous snakes in this game of dare and fast reflexes!

Every year more than 100.000 people are killed by snake bites. To save such victims, venom must be obtained in order to produce serum. You must travel the world catching the world’s most venomous snakes in order to obtain this venom and save their lives!

To help with the very real issue of deadly snake bites, 10% of the proceeds from Killer Snake go towards The Antivenom Swazi Foundation.

App Of The Day: Killer Snake – An Exhilarating Strike
“The game features brilliant 3D graphics for such authentic looking snakes whether it’s a Rattlesnake, Black Mamba, or King Cobra. The design also immerses you in the feel that the snake is right there starring you in the face.”


Killer Snake Review – Hiss & Hearse
“Fans of reaction-based iOS games will most likely enjoy Killer Snake as it’s pretty intense and is something of a looker.”



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