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Help Coolshop pack items and earn points that can be used on

In Coolshop Point Packer you will help Jacob pack Coolshop products and send them to the excited customers. It needs to go fast in the packing hall, where you have to toss the products in the boxes on the conveyor belt, by swiping.

The more boxes you hit, the higher score you will get. If you hit several times in a row, your score doubles – and remember to aim well so you don’t run out of products to toss!

You can enjoy several hours of entertainment with many varying levels, where the aim is to pack the boxes before they disappear along the conveyor belt. Some levels must be completed on time and in others you must achieve a certain score.

Play on your smartphone or tablet. While playing you can earn Coolshop Points that you can redeem when shopping at

It’s free to play Coolshop Point Packer, but you have the opportunity to buy boosters, extra moves, and lives directly in the game.

✔️ Throw footballs, game controllers, perfume bottles, etc.
✔️ Many different, fun and challenging game modes
✔️ Challenge yourself and refine your packing technique in 50 levels (more levels to come!)
✔️ Earn Coolshop Points, which can be used on

Coolshop Point Packer is developed for Coolshop and Gamerce ApS.
The game is currently only available in Denmark.

For more info, visit


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