Looking for a new way to engage your loyal customers?

Our Main Services

Game Development

We produce unique branded mobile games that match your target audience.

Affiliate Marketing

We drive quality traffic directly into both your game and your e-commerce business.


Give your loyal customers a treat and get them engaged in your brand through a new channel.


We ensure excellent data monitoring that provides relevant insights about user behaviour.

Unique Branded Game

We make sure that you get a unique branded game that is developed in cooperation with you! We help guide you through the many game genres to find that one game that will match perfectly to your target audience.

Connected to Your Shop

One of the things that makes our service unique, is that we will connect the game directly into your loyalty program, be it points, VIP membership, discount codes or coupons. We want to ensure that you maintain and control your digital eco-system.

Return on Investment

Our business model is performance based requiring only a small investment from your side. Meaning that our concept has a great ROI potential for our customers.